Downtown Waterbury


Pay Station KioskS


Like hundreds of cities across the United States, the City of Waterbury has a Parking Pay Station system in the Buckingham Garage, most on street parking, and the public lots on Meadow Street, West Main Street and the Silas Bronson Library. For this system, the Pay Stations are located at each of three entrances to the Buckingham Garage at intervals between on street spaces, and at the public municipal lots. 


 You can purchase parking time directly at a Pay Station by depositing coinage, credit cards, or tokens. (Tokens can be purchased at the Parking Division office located on the ground floor of the Buckingham Garage at the corner of Grand and Bank Streets – (203) 574-6721). 

A patron can buy various amounts of time or the maximum allowed. A receipt is delivered from the Pay Station which must then be displayed face up on the driver’s side dashboard. Enforcement is maintained as Parking Monitors check displayed receipts for any elapsed times.  

Parking Garage

Take a ticket as you enter the garage, park and carry the ticket with you as you leave the garage. 

Upon return to the garage, insert your ticket into a Pay Station located at one of three entrances to the Garage. There the Pay Station will read the ticket and indicate the fee to be paid. Payment can be made at the Pay Station using coins, credit cards, or tokens. 

A receipt is generated by the Pay Station which you will need to insert into the receipt reader located at the exit to the garage. This will activate the mechanical arm allowing the vehicle to pass through the exit gate.  

Pay Station Tokens available

Downtown Merchants and Businesses can buy Pay Station tokens for $2.00 per token for 1 hour of parking. Each parking token entitles a customer to one hour of FREE parking in the Municipal Garages. Tokens can also be used for pay station kiosks on the street. For more details on how to acquire the tokens, contact the Parking Division at (203) 574-6721. 


Using the paystation